Cover of Iris Incensed by NANCY BARTLETT sky blue with red bi-plane

Some are born to adventure,
Some go seeking adventure,
And some have adventure
thrust upon them.

Which kind of Adventurer Are You?

Iris Incensed
Book one of the Iris Winterbek Adventure series

Risk-averse Iris travels to Europe to soak up culture, historic charm, and sugary treats. But adventure lands in her lap instead, and turns her into something strangely like a hero.

About Nancy

Author Nancy Bartlett aboard a sailboat in the Caribbean.

Nancy Bartlett lives and writes aboard a sailboat called Domino, currently exploring the islands of the Caribbean.

A life long adventure junkie, Nancy aims to write the kind of books she likes to read – tales of ordinary women who step up, take action, and become the heroes of their own adventures.

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