The Iris Winterbek Adventures

If some are born to adventure, some go seeking adventure, and some have adventure thrust upon them, then count Iris Winterbek in that last category.

But while she may be risk-averse, and getting up in years, Iris is feisty. Each time chaos intrudes on her eminently sensible plans, it means she’s found another criminal who needs to be taken care of with her signature blend of misplaced hutzpah, and total accident.

Join Iris as she deals with danger, criminals, weather, unpredictable family members, and bad smells.

cover of Iris Incensed, by Nancy Bartlett features a sky blue background with a red bi-plane pulling a waving banner over iconic European buildings.

Iris Incensed

Our heroine is off on her first adventure, a European romp full of oddball characters, unsettling events, and not nearly enough caramel macchiatos.

With danger coming at her from all sides, Iris must dig deep to find her inner action hero before it’s too late.

cover of Iris All In by Nancy Bartlett features a violet night sky background with a gold sports car pulling a waving banner over gambling images.

Iris All In

Gambling is Iris Winterbeks’ guilty pleasure, and she and her friends are heading to the casino for a day and a night of fun, fun, fun.

Iris’ luck changes though, when her vain sister invites herself along. Then a greedy, celebutante beauty vlogger raises the stakes, forcing Iris to wager everything.

cover of Iris Everafter, by Nancy Bartlett features a sea green background with a coral sailboat pulling a waving banner over tropical palm trees.

Iris Everafter

The world’s most unexpected action hero finds herself in Florida at Christmastime, hiding from a crime lord who is bent on revenge.

But when her well meaning friends land in trouble, Iris must put down her eggnog latte and set off on the voyage of her life in order to save the day.

Essay Collections

Bite sized collections of three essays each.

cover of Panic In Any Other Language by Nancy Bartlett features a green white and red Italian flag background

Panic, in Any Other Language

Travel is the best, the most worthwhile, and the most terrifying thing you can do, besides raising kids.

And travel, like kids, will leave you laughing – after the drama subsides, the dust settles, and your ears stop ringing.

These three stories take place in glorious Italy where the traveler can experience terror, mortification, and Shakespearean romance all together, at break-neck speed.

cover of O 2 B MFK, by Nancy Bartlett features a purple and black geometric background with a central black and white photo of the author with a knife and foodstuffs


There is such a thing as discomfort food.
In these three humorous and tasteful essays, Nancy Bartlett travels, catches, cooks and eats with the legendary food writer MFK Fisher as her muse. Things don’t always turn out as well as such guidance might suggest.

This collection about troublesome foodstuffs, and problematic culinary expectations points out a few of the many ways our food can be a little less than soothing.

cover of The Doppler Effect, by Nancy Bartlett features a pale turquoise background with an image of young children bouncing on a trampoline

The Doppler Effect

What do Magnetic Poetry, volunteer fire fighting, and abandoned farm houses have in common?

In this set of essays full of flames, humor and literary license, these topics form the centerpiece of a story about a child growing up and leaving home.

By turns juvenile, scary, and bittersweet, just like the relationships between parents and offspring.

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