Author Nancy Bartlett aboard sailboat in the Caribbean, blue sky and turquoise water.

Nancy Bartlett aims to write the kind of books she likes to read – adventure novels about funny, smart, quirky women who are taking on the world.

Each of her heroines stumbles into adventures, sometimes with very bad people. They get out of their difficulties not by calling for help, but by figuring out how to take action, and make a difference.

The fun starts with the Iris Winterbek Adventure series, featuring the inspiring travels, and hair-raising entanglements of the world’s most unexpected action hero.

Formerly, Nancy was a technical writer, and environmental columnist focused on marine science, waterfront living, and coastal travel.

Now she lives on a cruising sailboat called Domino, completely immersed in her favorite subject, exploring the islands of the Caribbean, and writing her next adventure.

Follow her Caribbean cruising adventures on her blog, Tidal Life.

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